009- Mind of the Raven

What are the boundaries of consciousness? Where do cognition and a sense of self begin? These are some of the questions we seek to answer, and we use an unlikely vehicle- the raven. Join Matt and I as we explore the world of avian consciousness, and by doing so, maybe learn something about our own. 


008- Leiningen and the Ants

This episode is all about bugs- we start with a classic short story on Man Vs. Nature, and then transition to a discussion about our relationship with insects, and what we can do to minimize their interference with our enjoyment of the outdoors. Also, if you've ever wondered why the indigenous people of the Amazon are so badass....you'll want to tune in. 


007- Surviving the Wilderness of Your Mind (Interview with Mike Lauria)


This episode features an interview with former Air Force Pararescueman Mike Lauria. Mike has just finished his time at the Geisel School of Medicine at Dartmouth College, and will be starting his residency shortly. We discuss his step by step process for promoting peak mental and technical performance while under stress, and he gives us a how-to demonstration, with lots of supporting information. If you want to know how to perform at your absolute best when it really matters, be it a survival situation, a combat zone, or an important negotiation, this is definitely the episode to tune in for.



Warrior Mindset
By Dr. Michael Asken, Loren W. Christensen, Dave Grossman

006- Gear Dump (Special Episode)

In this Special Episode, Matt and I go through our kits (the various levels thereof), and their contents. If you've been wondering about how we decide what gets a place in our bags and what doesn't, this is the episode for you!

005- Into The Wild


In this podcast, we discuss the sometimes divisive figure Christopher McCandless (AKA, Alexander Supertramp).  We focus on three main questions: Who was Chris McCandless, Why did he die, and Why do we care? Some answers belong to science- and some to the individual. 


Photo of the "Gran Desierto" where McCandless watched the moon rise on the New Year

Photo of the "Gran Desierto" where McCandless watched the moon rise on the New Year

Marked Map, showing location of the "magic bus"

Marked Map, showing location of the "magic bus"

Chris McCandless' last photo. Courtesy of the Christopher McCandless Foundation.

Chris McCandless' last photo. Courtesy of the Christopher McCandless Foundation.





004- The Animal Dialogues


A collection of vignettes about Craig Child's experiences with a wide ranging type and number of animals, we found many of the stories in here to echo our own thoughts and beliefs. Not the sort of book that needs to be consumed all at once, you can sit down, read a story or two, and come back to it later. And you will.




The Bloody Sire, by Robinson Jeffers


It is not bad.  Let them play.

Let the guns bark and the bombing-plane

Speak his prodigious blasphemies.

It is not bad, it is high time,

Stark violence is still the sire of all the world’s values.


What but the wolf’s tooth whittled so fine

The fleet limbs of the antelope?

What but fear winged the birds, and hunger

Jewelled with such eyes the great goshawk’s head?

Violence has been the sire of all the world’s values.


Who would remember Helen’s face

Lacking the terrible halo of spears?

Who formed Christ but Herod and Caesar,

The cruel and bloody victories of Caesar?

Violence, the bloody sire of all the world’s values.


Never weep, let them play,

Old violence is not too old to beget new values.



Skull of a Mountain Lion. Notice the wide zygomatic arch beneath the orbits.

Skull of a Mountain Lion. Notice the wide zygomatic arch beneath the orbits.



The Last American Man
By Elizabeth Gilbert



The Mountain Hardwear Kiva 4 Person Tent. No longer made.

The Mountain Hardwear Kiva 4 Person Tent. No longer made.

003- The Island Within


This book was a formative one for both Matt and myself. I was given a copy by a very good friend while we hunted elk together in New Mexico- Nelson gives voice to many thoughts that I myself have had. It's raw, and honest, and speaks to something deep inside. 



The End of Nature
By Bill McKibben




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002- To Build A Fire. (And How To Do It)


Free HTML Version of To Build a Fire

In this podcast, Matt and I go through one of London's most famous works about the elemental relationship between men, dogs, and fire. In the second half, we discuss our preferred fire starting techniques and kits, and share some anecdotes about our times in the backcountry.




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001- Of Wolves and Men


Without doubt, one of the most important books about the relationship between humans and animals ever written. Anyone that has ever seen the subtle glint of intelligence in the eyes of a dog, that wonders if animals have social lives as we do, will find something in this book that speaks to them. As thorough of an exploration of wolves as it is of humans, this book is one of the most important that we've ever read. Wolves and wolf mythology are foundationally important to us here at Lykos- so come join the pack.




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000- Introductions and Mission Statement

Welcome, everyone, to the Lykos Podcast. This is the introductory episode, so if you're new to who we are and what we're doing, start here. The Lykos Podcast is about human nature and humans in nature, and we use books and short stories to discuss these topics, and as a stepping-off point for sharing outdoor skills and lessons learned. So settle in, listen up, and join the pack.

Also, This will be the place where you can access supplementary materials like links, videos, and pictures relevant to the topics we're discussing- so don't miss out check back often!

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