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003- The Island Within


This book was a formative one for both Matt and myself. I was given a copy by a very good friend while we hunted elk together in New Mexico- Nelson gives voice to many thoughts that I myself have had. It's raw, and honest, and speaks to something deep inside. 



The End of Nature
By Bill McKibben




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002- To Build A Fire. (And How To Do It)


Free HTML Version of To Build a Fire

In this podcast, Matt and I go through one of London's most famous works about the elemental relationship between men, dogs, and fire. In the second half, we discuss our preferred fire starting techniques and kits, and share some anecdotes about our times in the backcountry.




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001- Of Wolves and Men


Without doubt, one of the most important books about the relationship between humans and animals ever written. Anyone that has ever seen the subtle glint of intelligence in the eyes of a dog, that wonders if animals have social lives as we do, will find something in this book that speaks to them. As thorough of an exploration of wolves as it is of humans, this book is one of the most important that we've ever read. Wolves and wolf mythology are foundationally important to us here at Lykos- so come join the pack.




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