Who We are


Our Name

              There is an unquiet self within us. A self that yearns for the freedom of the forest, for the austere beauty of nature. It is the same self that whispers to us in the night, that chafes against the yoke of domesticity. It refuses to be caged, refuses to be settled, refuses to be trapped by the comforts of civilization. When we are cold, when we are hungry, when we are at our limits- that is when this self finds peace. This self is the inner wolf (Greek: λύκος). No matter what your background, no matter who you are, no matter what your experiences- if you know this restlessness, this hunger that can only be fed by the wild, then you too have a wolf within, and you too are a member of our tribe. Welcome to Lykos.

Our Philosophy

             Our foundational belief is that the fit of a piece of clothing directly correlates to how well it functions. We began Lykos because we couldn't find outdoor clothing that fit us. That is why all of our clothing has features that allow for precise adjustments of the fit- so they can be crafted to fit your form. The designs of our garments are based on the anatomical proportions of the human body, with design features specifically engineered to match the way we move. It is this combination that distinguishes us- the synthesis of intentional fit, durable materials, and carefully considered construction techniques.

            We believe that clothing is not a disposable commodity, but rather, an essential tool. We demand that any piece of gear we have can withstand the conditions to which we subject ourselves, that it be as versatile as we are. We create apparel that is dynamic, rugged, practical, and designed to last. We believe in longevity and utility. Every detail in our clothing is carefully considered, and each element of our garments needs to justify itself before it's included.

Our Process

              Every garment we make begins with a purpose; a list of desired performance capabilities and a sketch. The garment is patterned, using some of the same methods utilized by the bespoke tailoring houses of Savile Row. Then, the pattern is adjusted to include features that accommodate how the body moves in the physical world, and the samples produced from these patterns are rigorously tested to ensure the quality of their construction and design. Once a garment has been thoroughly tested, only then is it deemed fit for production. 

We do not skip the details- we obsess over them.